This very hasitly and very badly constructed website is where I am posting my NaNoWriMo 2021 Novel, day by day. I am acutely aware that this site looks like it was written in 1995. This is surprisingly relevant given that the novel takes place in 1993.

Generally I pick one word working titles for my novels while I write them and then pick a title when I'm done. To that end, the working title for this novel is Psychic. As of December 6th, 2021, the novel is complete. Psychic, Draft 1, clocks in at 72,052 words. I hope you enjoy!

Harry Flynn has a problem. He can't see straight. People vanish from his sight, he mistakes a volunteer in his stage show for his ex-wife, and worst of all, he's suddenly inundated with memories of being a contract killer for a sprawling crime syndicate. As the hours turn into days Harry begins to realize that his mind is starting to fall apart quicker than he can put it back together.

And then, to top it all off, he can't remember his mysterious ex-wife even to the point of forgetting about her murder. Unfortunately for Harry he's left with only one way out: bring down the Syndicate, find who did this to him, regain his memories, and if lucky, catch his ex-wife's killer. He just has to do all of that before his mind completely falls apart. Shouldn't be too hard.

Below you will find links to each individual day's writing. Remember while you read that this is a first draft, so the writing is unedited, may be extremely messy, and may be riddled with plot holes. That's what makes it fun to read.

You will also find a link to "The Story So Far" which includes every day's writing on a single page. This is useful for those who want to read the entire story at once. On this page each day's writing alternates in font color, between black and navy blue, so you can tell where I stopped writing each day.

Psychic, Draft 1

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