Dylan Green


My name is Dylan Green, and I am currently an Astrophysics graduate student at the University of California, Irvine. You can email me at dylanag [at] uci [dot] edu. This page will be mostly about my hobbies and extracurricular activities. For details on my research check the research tab.

In my free time I engage in a variety of hobbies, most of which suspiciously seem to start with the letter 'p'. One of my primary hobbies is programming. The largest and most expansive project I've written or worked on is by far my chess engine, Chrysaora. Chrysaora is written in a relatively new programming language called Nim, and uses a neural network composed of fully connected layers that are trained using reinforcement learning. This means that in theory it should get better at playing chess after every game, although currently the input parameters are of too broad a scope to support high level chess play.

Most of my free time is otherwise dedicated to my podcasts, all of which can be found at decorativevegetable.com. My cohost and I release weekly episodes about Doctor Who as well as classic Science Fiction television. We also write blog posts on a weekly basis, alternating authorship. Go and check out my posts; my current favourite post that I've written discusses the third season of Torchwood from the perspective of First Contact. It's great fun and both of us take pride in the shows. If we've made at least one person laugh then we've succeeded.

If time permits I also engage in some analog photography, which means I shoot photos on 35mm film. I use a Canon FtB, and generally shoot whatever film I have available. The photo to the right of the Mayall 4-meter was taken on Ultramax 400 during my observing shift in December of 2019. The photos I think are passable (and there are few), make their home at my flickr account.

Hobbies that do not necessarily have a web home but that I enjoy, and would love to discuss with anyone interested include philately (the study and collection of stamps) and watching an inordinate amount of movies. During quarantine I've been watching a movie a day, so rest assured I can talk about nearly any movie. Nearly. Recently I've also started to dabble in using fountain pens. And that's about it! Now you know all about me.

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